Our Team

Our team consists of world-leading clinicians


Miss. Shohreh Beski

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist


Miss. Jeannie S L Yoon

Consultant Gynaecologist


Dr. Richard Smith​

Consultant Gynaecologist


Mr. Joseph Aquilina

Consultant Gynaecologist


Dr. Mira Razzaque

Consultant Anaesthetist


Mr Miles Banwell



World-leading clinicians

MenoCare, in partnership with The Regenerative Clinic, is a team made up of world-leading specialists, dedicated to improving women's intimate health in a minimally invasive manner.


State-of-the-art facilities

Our facilities ensure a comfortable patient experience.


Exclusive treaments

We provide Lipogems® exclusive to the UK, as well as the MonaLisa Touch® procedure, both natural and almost pain-free.


Easy to reach

We offer consultations across London.

Every single one of our specialists is renowned in their field, and they all are dedicated to making sure that each patient leaves our clinic happy with the level of care and treatment they have received.

We are dedicated to providing high quality women's intimate healthcare so that they do not suffer in silence from vaginal problems that can impact many areas of a women's life if left untreated.

For MenoCare, in partnership with The Regenerative Clinic, we care not only about your physical wellbeing but your emotional well being too: we fully understand the need for a completely holistic approach to these highly sensitive issues.

We are passionate about giving relief from pain whilst minimising the need for invasive surgeries by providing exclusive treatments to the UK such as Lipogems® as well as other wellbeing procedures with minimal recovery time like the MonaLisa Touch® treatment.


We've never forgotten our approach

And we'll never stop innovating


We offer a professional and holistic approach to patient treatment: providing consultations, treatments and rehabilitation. We maintain the importance of measuring outcomes and the on-going assessment of our patients’ treatment through our registry of clinical data.

We carry out important pre-operative and post-operative questionnaires that not only allows us to monitor our patients’ progress but will contribute to our evidence-based database and other global studies.

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