Vaginal Pain Key Features

  • What is vaginal pain?

    Vaginal pain is usually caused by vaginal atrophy. This refers to the dryness and thinning of the vaginal walls, resulting in a less stretchable vagina and less vaginal lubrication. These changes in a woman’s body can lead to burning, sex during intercourse, irritation or inflammation and soreness.

    Many women can end up experiencing some kind of vaginal pain during their lives, but it can be very common for those during or after the menopause to experiencing vaginal discomfort. This is largely due to reduced estrogen levels in the body as a result of the menopause.

  • How can MenoCare help with vaginal pain?

    MenoCare, in partnership with The Regenerative Clinic, provides a range of safe treatment options to help women who are experiencing vaginal pain. This includes estrogen therapy, topical medication and lubricants as well as procedures that use cutting edge technology to help directly tackle the problem of vaginal pain in a non-invasive, painless way.

FAQs on Vaginal Pain

  • Is vaginal pain only associated with the menopause?

    No, whilst vaginal pain can often be an issue for women going through the menopause, it can also be the cause of an underlying condition, such as vaginismus. Therefore, this should be verified by your healthcare provider first before deciding on what treatment to use.

  • How long does it take to see results from vaginal pain? treatment?

    Medication or topical treatments may require waiting a few weeks before you start to see improvements, whereas other procedures may lead to an improvement in less than a week or so.

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