Yes, the Lipogems® procedure has been extensively researched and it is safe to undergo. This treatment is a natural solution as it relies on the body’s own ability to heal. It has been used to successfully treat a number of women’s intimate health conditions and uses no hormones, estrogen or synthetic chemicals.

How long has Lipogems® been available in the UK?

Lipogems® was brought exclusively to the UK by The Regenerative Clinic (which MenoCare works in partnership with) in September 2017.

Worldwide, it has been available for approximately seven years in orthopedics and aesthetics, and around five years for gynecology practice.

Why is Lipogems® not available on the NHS or private health insurance?

The procedure is still undergoing assessments that can take a number of years before gaining approval.

What does Lipogems® treatment involve?

The Lipogems® procedure involves removing a small amount of fat tissue from near the abdomen. This is then placed in a closed-loop system and washed in a saline fluid to remove potential impurities and then re-injected into the genitourinary area.

Cells in your fat tissue known as pericytes have a high concentration of regenerative properties in them, which then help to stimulate cell growth and repair.

Does Lipogems® require general anaesthetic?

Yes, the treatment (which only takes an hour) takes place under a light general anesthetic. This is because the procedure involves a number of small injections into the vaginal area, and the anesthetic helps to make this more comfortable for the patient.

Whilst each individual case varies as every person responds to general anesthetic in a different manner, the majority of patients can return to work 2 days after the Lipogems® procedure.

Are there potential negative outcomes through the Lipogems® procedure?

No, there have been no reports thus far of Lipogems® worsening any existing conditions. In some cases, the Lipogems® procedure is ineffective. However, this does not have an impact on the effectiveness of further treatments.

Conditions in which the Lipogems® procedure may be less effective, or may require repeat treatments include severe cases of lichen planus or lichen sclerosus. This may mean the patient needs to go through the treatment again six months to a year after the first procedure has taken place.

Why choose Lipogems®?

Choosing the Lipogems® treatment has a variety of benefits. It could be the procedure for you if:

  • You are looking for a one-off minimally invasive treatment to tackle vaginal soreness, burning, pain or discomfort
  • No hormones, synthetic chemicals or estrogen are used
  • You are suffering from symptoms of the menopause in the vaginal area
  • You are suffering from vaginal problems after childbirth
  • You are having difficulty with sexual intercourse or libido due to vaginal pain
  • Vaginal laser therapy has not worked for you

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