The Regenerative Clinic, 18-22 Queen Anne Street, Marylebone, London, W1G 8HA
020 3951 7822
9:00AM – 5:30PM
  • "I have been given back my dignity as a woman"   Julie Bell

  • "I am feeling better physically and mentally"   Neena Shah

  • "It’s the first procedure that worked and I feel good again"   Anna Klintenberg

  • "Lipogems® are used to repair cells"   Shoreh Beski

Our Speciality
We provide a holistic approach to women's intimate health

We provide a holistic approach: offering minimally invasive procedures for women's intimate health all in one easy-to-reach location, whilst taking care of their well being.

  • Exclusive Treatments

    We offer exclusive treatments for women's intimate health: we offer Lipogems® exclusively in the UK.

  • World-leading Clinicians

    Our specialists are all highly regarded in their field of expertise, who are innovators when it comes to the use of non-invasive, regenerative procedures.

  • Quality Care

    Not only do we take the utmost care in terms of the surgical and nonsurgical treatments we provide, but we also make sure that each patient is fully looked after the procedure has taken place.