Estrogen Therapy Key Features

  • What is estrogen therapy?

    Estrogen therapy is used to replace hormones that a woman no longer creates due to menopause.

    Most estrogen therapy treatment involves taking a combination of these two hormones.

    Progestogen – this refers to a synthetic version of the hormone progesterone

    Oestrogen – types include estriol or estradiol

  • How can MenoCare help with estrogen therapy?

    MenoCare, in collaboration with The Regenerative Clinic, provides estrogen therapy products for women during the menopause. This helps to relieve some of the unpleasant symptoms women can experience during this time. Estrogen therapy products that we provide can help deal with the following issues:


Estrogen therapy FAQs

  • Are there different types of estrogen therapy available?

    Yes, there are different ways to take estrogen therapy treatments. This includes skin patches, gels and vaginal creams, tablets or rings.

  • What is the typical treatment regimen for estrogen therapy?

    It is possible to take estrogen therapy in cycles (for example, taking oestrogen continuously but limiting your usage of progestogen to every few weeks), or alternatively, you can decide to take it continuously without taking a break.

  • Is there a limit to taking estrogen therapy?

    No, there is not a limit on how long you can take estrogen therapy for, but in most cases, women typically use the treatment until menopausal symptoms have subsided. This is usually after 2 to 3 years.

  • Are there potential side effects of taking estrogen therapy?

    Yes, as is the case with any medicine a person takes, side effects can be an issue. Any side effects that arise usually pass within 3 months. The most commonly cited side effects for estrogen therapy include:

    • Indigestion
    • Headaches
    • Nausea
    • Breast tenderness
    • Abdominal pain

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