Lipogems® Key Features

  • What is Lipogems®?

    Lipogems® is a type of treatment that uses your own regenerative cells in order to remedy a number of conditions affecting the vagina. For example, this treatment can be used to help with vaginal atrophy, which can affect women during and after the menopause.

    Vaginal atrophy refers to the drying, thinning and inflammation of the vaginal walls due to the body producing less estrogen. This treatment helps to restore healthy cell growth, and restore moisture and alleviate symptoms such as dryness, burning and discomfort during intercourse.

  • How can MenoCare in partnership with The Regenerative Clinic help?

    MenoCare can provide women with Lipogems® treatment across the UK, helping to restore your vaginal health and leave you free from painful symptoms

Lipogems FAQs

  • How does Lipogems® work?

    It is a procedure that uses cutting-edge technology that can be used for a number of conditions. The procedure involves removing a small amount of fat tissue from the stomach. It is then put into a closed-loop system and washed with saline fluid to remove impurities and it is then re-inject into the genitoury area to help promote cell growth and repair.

  • How long does the Lipogems®procedure take?

    On average, the procedure will usually take less than an hour, with most people being able to leave a clinic on the very same day.

  • What are the benefits of a Lipogems® procedure?

    The procedure has a number of advantages, these include:

    • That it is designed to be one single treatment: no need to worry about multiple procedures
    • It has been clinically proven that the effects of a procedure last for 3 or more years.
    • There are no estrogen, hormones or other synthetic chemicals that are involved in the treatment.

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Our consultation we will cover:
  • Rapid Repair

    Repair damaged tissue (for example, after an injury or operation) Speed up tissue growth and regeneration

  • Quick Regeneration

    Speed up tissue growth and regeneration. Improve blood flow by creating new blood vessels

  • Scar Reduction

    Dipose tissue therapy can also be used as an additional treatment alongside other orthopaedic procedures to help with bone and tissue healing..

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